BRIAN LADD, PSYCHIC DREAMER - BIOGRAPHYPsychic Brian Ladd uses his visions, dreams to accurately predict future events. His on-line dream diary contains over 8,000 documented dreams, lucid dreams and remote viewing cases. To date, over 3,000 predictions have come true, with more and more every day. Brian has personally worked hundred missing person cases since 2006 with a success rate of around 45%. Brian served 12 active years in the US Army and then joined the Army Reserves. Brian was diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder in 2011, and some say this 'illness' maybe the reason why so many of his dreams have come true.
DREAMS THAT HAVE COME TRUEThis category includes a partial list of dreams that have recently come true. For additional confirmations, view this sites popular dream links or visit this sites archives. To date over 3,000 dreams of mine have come true including over 1,000 lottery numbers predictions.
2017 DREAM JOURNALWill be working on new projects this year including adding recent missing person cases, remote viewings, map dowsing and more. I will be improving my VIP areas and be adding more medical cure and free subliminal downloads. For example, I have added over 200 pages of new psychic work to the Madelene McCann missing child case and over 400 new documents that can not be found anywhere else on the web! see
2016 DREAM JOURNALMy dream diary for the year 2016, and I'm hoping this year my dreams will make a positive impact in your life too. Dreams are for a reason, and their source does not have to come from your conscious can tune your brains receiver to access The Universal Consciousness Channel, and when you do, you will never be the same again! The most important thing I can tell you is to KEEP A PEN AND PAPER NEXT TO YOUR BED, DREAMS FADE QUICKLY, PRACTICE, RECORD, AND LOVE.
2015 DREAM JOURNALMost of this year was positive for me up until October 1st, this is when my younger sister, Christine, died unexpectedly of a toxic level of schizophrenia medicine and heart pills. She was my only sister and sibling and I will never be this same...talking about what dreams came true and how many lottery winners there were does not mean a thing right now.
2014 DREAM JOURNALMy dream diary for the year 2014...a much better year. I personally helped close several missing person cases, was thanked by several agencies that 'don't use psychics' and had a wonderful time with my wife and kids. I also learned, from my own dreams, a new way to do what I do better and I will share it with you asap. I cannot say this enough, forget most of what you have learned in life from others, turn off repetitive self-talk and truly love yourself and your surroundings. Your DNA can teach you what you need to know, and God will do the rest.
2013 DREAM JOURNALNightly dreams for the year 2013, this year I had over 200 dreams come true plus 98 correct lottery picks. Lots of new 'dream inventions' and 'medical breakthrough' were added this year, and I'm happy to say that many people did benefit from them. I have since opened a category for all 200 plus inventions I have dreamed about since 2005, and you're free to use any of them, but please make sure you credit the source.
2012 DREAM JOURNALThis was a bad year for me, spent some time in a mental hospital and was told the bad news about my dreams were recorded.
2011 DREAM JOURNALNightly dreams for the year 2011, this year was a sad time for me...and I really didn't feel like doing all.
2010 DREAM JOURNALNightly dreams for the year 2010...missing persons...missing persons and more missing persons, we also started a missing person webcast.
2009 DREAM JOURNALNightly dreams for the year 2009, earthquakes, hurricanes floods, and fires...they all came true...unfortunately. I started my MP TV show and Dream Talk Radio this year and learned a great deal from many of my guests.
2008 DREAM JOURNALNightly dreams for the year 2008, this year I started paying more attention to my dreams learning from them. Have dozens of health related dreams I have shared with the world.
2007 DREAM JOURNALNightly dreams for the year 2007, many earthquake predictions came true this many in fact it made the news.
2006 DREAM JOURNALNightly dreams for the year 2006, over 80 Missing person cases were added this year and 38 of them were correct.
2005 DREAM JOURNALNightly dreams for the year 2005, this is the first year I started putting my dream journal online.
SLOT MACHINE PICKSGoing to a casino to play slots? Look up your casino in my dream diary and I'll tell you exactly what machine to play right's that easy.
MISSING PERSONSSince 2006 I have personally worked on over 900 missing person cases, and during that time I have NEVER charged for this service. A majority of these cases would not have been possible without the help of other psychics and close friends including TV's Psychic Travis Sanders, CNN Nancy Graces Psychic Gale Saint John, Psychic Dalton and one of my best friends, Debra Brink.
VIDEOPast TV Shows, webcasts, interviews, home videos, Missing Person TV, and everything that you can watch is here.
AUDIOPast radio shows, interviews, personal audio notes, free subliminal sessions and more.
VIP MEMBERS ONLY AREAWeekly predictions for over 25 world lotteries, winning slot machine serial numbers for almost every major casino in the world, medical cures, subliminal healing sessions by me and many more members-only services to come.

Most viewed
Dream number 8268 15 February 2017 2 by Brian Ladd213 viewsa very sad event to take place on Monday, Febyary 20th (real date) 2017
Dream number 8244 10 February 2017 6 by Brian Ladd188 viewslottery patterns for February and March 2017, USA
Dream number 8266 14 February 2017 1 by Brian Ladd178 viewsRelated to several dds from March of 2016, showing autopsy drawings of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, the death of Donald Trump Jr. is new to me.

Donald Trump Fraud Company 2017 Aberdeen Asset Management 40 Wall Street Llc Owns Collateralized Debt Morningstar Analysis162 views
Maura Murray160 viewsMaura Murray
Missing Person Maura Murray dream number 6913 24 september 1 by psychic brian ladd~0148 viewsThis was a public request from...well I'm really not sure who. It took me most of today to translate the most important part of some 16 plus dream drawings. I'm sad to say I do not think Maura Murray is still alive, but these is always hope and my dream are wrong more then they are right.

Most of the DD's describe what happened...I will not be posting these, I'm only posting an answer to the question I was asked, Maura's location. Something really bothered my here, and I think several members of the local police department have some thing they might want to get off their chest.
Dream number 8213 25 January 2017 8 by Brian Ladd138 viewsmega millions and euro millions note the numbers are almost the same and the two's and four's are there again
Dream number 8211 1 February 2017 1 by Brian Ladd132 viewsonly one dream last night, please print this out and PUT IN UNDER YOUR PILLOW!! REALLY!!!!
Dream number 8312 21 February 2017 7 by Brian Ladd108 viewsPlease research this dd yourself. Brian
trump-putin107 viewsLet's make the world a great place again.
Dream number 8284 17 February 2017 2 by Brian Ladd105 viewsThis is an Alli weight loss pill case, it's blue and has three compartments...this is what caused, or will cause the airline crash. In the container are three gel caps that when combined in the center compartment will cause an explosion that will end the lives of more than 100 people...very soon. Each of the three chemicals alone is not detectable, combined it's too late.
Dream number 8285 17 February 2017 3 by Brian Ladd105 views2017 DHS (USA) flow chart for Muslims, Mixed Muslims, and Non-Muslims
Dream number 8213 2 February 2017 2 by Brian Ladd101 viewsOn February 17th, 2017 the man drew here is going to do some very bad things and this address.
Dream number 8267 15 February 2017 1 by Brian Ladd100 viewscandles, blind man killed by Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in hell prison USA, his knowledge of NYC nuclear harbor explosions could have saved hundreds of thousand on Manhattan island? New York, cell 47, vet drug, 01272 9195753900 (this is the same heart attack drug as in a dozens or more of past dds)
Dream number 8303 20 February 2017 5 by Brian Ladd93 viewsupcoming earthquake, pay attention this church and the walls around it, amazing,
Dream number 8316 21 February 2017 11 by Brian Ladd89 viewsPlease research this dd yourself. Brian
IMG 5292 missing case new details added 201787 viewslottery in order again...5 6 7 8 then 3 4 2 and 1 (soon)
Dream number 8282 16 February 2017 5 by Brian Ladd85 viewsTrump C all Norma Mcorve 6IR? 6121 heart attack drug KGB (this is the same drug that's already killed dozens of people in the US and this just the beginning)
Dream number 8243 10 February 2017 5 by Brian Ladd82 viewslottery patterns for February and March 2017, Austrailia
Dream number 8286 18 February 2017 1 by Brian Ladd82 viewsIf you do not know who this person is right now, that's ok with do I, but sadly we all will next week.
Dream number 8265 13 February 2017 10 by Brian Ladd78 viewsheart attack vet drug, Jake Turk schools and churches burned, get out. November 9th, 1938 to November 9th 2017
feb 13th 201776 viewsBackup dream copy from Feb 13th 2017
Dream number 8228 7 February 2017 1 by Brian Ladd75 views
Dream number 8283 17 February 2017 1 by Brian Ladd75 viewsDuško Marković (real person - Prime Minister of Montenegro) dies of heart attack, same heart attack vet drug, in tea. numbers.
Dream number 8305 20 February 2017 7 by Brian Ladd75 viewssomething to do with this man and a trailer with rx drugs
Dream number 8326 23 February 2017 5 by Brian Ladd73 viewsnot sure on the date of this nor if I have already posted it, but it's sad
Dream number 8269 16 February 2017 1 by Brian Ladd72 viewsThe United States Secret Service prevents the weekly meeting of Russian Dmitry Rybolovlev and Donalds Trump's family member at this Mount Pleasant, North Carolina address (censored)(see dd)
The SS also finds the 'bugs' in Trump's Florida home, see DD's for a drawing of the 'basement' location. This is not good for Mr. Trump, and this is the only way he can talk privately to his friends. Note: This event is to take place before Dmitry and Donald's death...usually. Ironically they will both die from the same KGB heart attack drug they have been using on people for decades. (4 dream sketches to this dream, login to view 1 3 an 4)
Dream number 8292 18 February 2017 7 by Brian Ladd72 viewsSwedish leader Stefan Löfven denies any connection to the newly stationed US Homeland Security 'armed guards' at Stockholm Airport had anything to do with today's tragedy. Bombs were manufactured in Russia, not Iran and Anthrax samples match a lot that was manufactured at Fort Derick. Nikki Haley arrested by Britsh Police as Säpo investigators interrogate bombing suspects. Donald Trump ordered the attacks in Sweden just like he did for Queens, NY before his death.
The new Donald Trump youth program set to replace the Boy Scouts of America and it looks and awful like Adolf Hitler s summer camp for kids 71 viewsPlease do me the favor and look at this site, current WHOIS shows it's owned by a Trump family friend and it's a site that directed toward children. I know many people think Donald Trump is this great person and our country is no longer great, but read what it says...line by line. The page reads like the Hitler Youth propaganda manual from the 1940's. Why do our kids need to know about why he did not pay taxes, file bankruptcy or his sex life? I'm truly afraid what that mans true intentions are.
Dream number 8313 21 February 2017 8 by Brian Ladd69 viewsPlease research this dd yourself. Brian
Dream number 8291 18 February 2017 6 by Brian Ladd68 viewssorry
Dream number 8295 18 February 2017 10 by Brian Ladd68 viewsMore on the death/murder of Dmitry Peskov (Russian) and the upcoming Nuclear explosion in the NYC harbor, same Russian drone sub, Trump has to know about the drone sub attacks for years and is ready for the end, however, the location of his secret bunkers for WWIII will soon be public. Note: Only one of the two nuclear devices will actually work.
Dream number 8314 21 February 2017 9 by Brian Ladd67 viewsPlease research this dd yourself. Brian
Dream number 8315 21 February 2017 10 by Brian Ladd64 viewsPlease research this dd yourself. Brian
Dream number 8264 13 February 2017 9 by Brian Ladd62 viewswiki leaks release bitcoins address of Putin (Russian), Trump (USA) and 40 associated, numbers, censored 0 they get caught trying to convert the coins to US dollars.
Dream number 8299 20 February 2017 1 by Brian Ladd61 viewsshooting and hostages at the Jewish school in the US, nothing ha changed since last year, numbers censored.
2 17 2017 dreams60 views2 17 2017 dreams
Dream number 8311 21 February 2017 6 by Brian Ladd60 viewsPlease research this dd yourself. Brian
Dream number 8279 16 February 2017 2 by Brian Ladd59 viewsSenator john McCain (USA) is given tea continuing the same heat-attack drug as I have mentioned in another dream from last night, this is a drawing of...well I don't know.
Dream number 8309 21 February 2017 4 by Brian Ladd59 viewsPlease research this dd yourself. Brian
Dream number 8200 27 January 2017 1 by Brian Ladd58 viewssomething about a dam break
Dream number 8258 13 February 2017 3 by Brian Ladd56 viewsThis is about the upcoming London UK anthrax aerial spray terrorist attacks (3)
Dream number 8295 18 February 2017 10 by Brian Ladd nuke56 viewsNo One Can Figure Out What's Behind a Mysterious Radiation Spike Across Europe. Well I can, these dreams explain what's happened and what's going to happen.
Dream number 8221 4 February 2017 4 by Brian Ladd55 viewsTaylor Swift killed in a horrific accident, do not go. numbers
Dream number 8290 18 February 2017 5 by Brian Ladd55 viewsTrump denies he knew about Russian Nuclear test in space? but he will try to warn Sweden of the terror attack? (not sure yet, I have an idea, see Dec 2016 dreams)
February 20th 2017 dreams by Brian Ladd55 viewsFebruary 20th, 2017 dreams by Brian Ladd
Dream number 8251 11 February 2017 7 by Brian Ladd lottery win results54 viewsDream from February 11th, 2017 matched all numbers and the winner took home 100 million USD just one week later.
Dream number 8310 21 February 2017 5 by Brian Ladd53 viewsPlease research this dd yourself. Brian

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