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Dream number 12001 13 July 2019 7 psychic prediction8 views todayMissing Karlie Gusevis found everything is going to be ok, cut hair.
Dream number 12000 13 July 2019 6 psychic prediction10 views today(404) 659-6500 the air conditioner repairman is from Iran, they are slowly killing the people.
Dream number 11999 13 July 2019 5 psychic prediction7 views todayKatie Johnson killed in an auto accident, Russian agents, numbers.
Dream number 11998 13 July 2019 4 psychic prediction11 views todayJizan Regional Airport attacks are false flag events, August?
Dream number 11997 13 July 2019 3 psychic prediction10 views todayKelsey Nicole Starling, not what they think, she has unknown marks on her back, rope, Smith Lake, located.
Dream number 11996 13 July 2019 2 psychic prediction8 views today8816455 ship taken by Iran guard, dirt bomb material for December 1st, 2019 NYC attack?
Dream number 11995 13 July 2019 1 psychic prediction6 views todayLeader dies in car bomb explosion, Maybach Landaulet, R, under the driver's seat.
Dream number 11994 10 July 2019 3 psychic prediction10 views todayT Williams goes missing at? August 2019, this upcoming missing person case will end very sadly, the person is living at apartment 4A behind the Target Store.
Dream number 11992 10 July 2019 1 psychic prediction13 views todayThe doll is worth over 1 million USD, take it there now.
Dream number 11993 10 July 2019 2 psychic prediction11 views todayLonnisha Renee Askew is safe, did not pay? Lumberton trailer.
Dream number 11991 9 July 2019 4 psychic prediction22 views todayStop the pain mom? call,+91 98791 11118 KAP
Dream number 11990 9 July 2019 3 psychic prediction25 views todayFriday, July 19th accident.
Dream number 11988 9 July 2019 1 psychic prediction24 views today612 M Donald Trump dies of a fake heart attack without ever asking God for his forgiveness.
Dream number 11985 8 July 2019 5 psychic prediction22 views todayPlease help him, please tell him not to go to the party of July 27th (If this means something to you, please do tell him, less than 20 days from now!)
Dream number 11986 8 July 2019 6 psychic prediction18 views todaySoon, stop her.
Dream number 11987 8 July 2019 7 psychic prediction14 views todayMayo Clinic room?
Dream number 11984 8 July 2019 4 psychic prediction21 views todayShip number 8816455, lies, WWIII, Farsi Island, numbers.
Dream number 11982 8 July 2019 2 psychic prediction14 views todayBarbara Thomas, she walked the wrong way, missing.
Dream number 11983 8 July 2019 3 psychic prediction14 views todayThis is the man who 'cut you off' he is coming to your house, murder (not for me...for sure)
Dream number 11981 8 July 2019 1 psychic prediction17 views todayCall 225 - 357 - 4800, Alton Sterling, not KKK, The New Black Panthers of Baton Rouge, Sadie Roberts-Joseph, love, numbers
Dream number 11978 5 July 2019 1 psychic prediction47 views todayAtlantic Pioneer ship?
Dream number 11980 6 July 2019 2 psychic prediction52 views todayEuromillions numbers for July and August 2019 (note: these almost always are correct)
Dream number 11979 6 July 2019 1 psychic prediction23 views todayJuly 13th, 1977, Russia hacks, test FEMA response during a hurricane, 345 kv, NYC, Buchanan South.
Dream number 11977 4 July 2019 4 psychic prediction89 views todayCall (215) 580-7800 tell them k? will be killed next week, 19107, can't read the rest.
Dream number 11974 4 July 2019 1 psychic prediction74 views todayBritish Heritage oil tanker explodes, numbers.
Dream number 11975 4 July 2019 2 psychic prediction67 views todayA signal from spaces detected, numbers, later this month.
Dream number 11976 4 July 2019 3 psychic prediction60 views todayMajor Brian Hampton arrested, dies in jail?
Dream number 11973 2 July 2019 4 psychic prediction126 views todayCall 202-547-1141 now, dc murders in congress, Elin Nordegren is guilty and responsible for Chris, ?, S? deaths, Vivek Shah murdered vy ex KGB agent with vet heart attach drug (see my past dreams since 2011 - this drug has no test for).
Dream number 11972 2 July 2019 3 psychic prediction108 views todayGOD was here, water is poison, call (760) 446-2826.
Dream number 11971 2 July 2019 2 psychic prediction103 views today9.2 earthquake hits San Francisco California on December 24th, 2019 at 3:21 AM, July 4th Peggy Breeden, numbers (see July 1st of 2019 dream).
Dream number 11970 2 July 2019 1 psychic prediction81 views today7/3/2019 STOP EATING you fat cow, yes you, I'm THIN, watch it remember it (happiness in your life requires weight loss..but you already know this).
Dream number 11968 1 July 2019 4 psychic prediction120 views todayThis radio has the ability to change space-time just enough to control what people think and do.
Dream number 11966 1 July 2019 2 psychic prediction115 views todayJuly 4th evacuation.
Dream number 11965 1 July 2019 1 psychic prediction86 views todayI was flying up weaving in and out of high voltage power lines.
Dream number 11967 1 July 2019 3 psychic prediction92 views todayUpcoming hotel fire.
Dream number 11969 2 July 2019 1 psychic prediction82 views todayPeggy Breeden on CNN California, ri? 6
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