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The two three digit numbers above were taking from this dream drawing sketch and are intended to be used separately for slot machines at this casino. All slot machines have serial numbers on them, most are easily accessible and should not be too difficult to locate. You're looking for these three numbers, in order, on the FIRST slot machine you find. The three digits can be anywhere in the machine's serial number but MUST be in order. If you're unable to locate a machine using the first three digit number, use the second one...again, the 3 digits can be anywhere in the string of digits, but they must be in order. Doubt this works? all I can tell you to do is give it a try.

These numbers in this DD were obtained by dowsing and lucid work by me using a single picture of the casino as a base...and it took me an unbelievable amount of time to complete the list I had.

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